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TMDB - Tests and Measures Database: SartoriusBan1986

Assessment of depression (1986)

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Full-text instruments available in:

Sartorius, N., & Ban, T. A. (1986). Assessment of depression. New York, NY: Springer-Verlag. [27 full-text instruments]



CPRG rating scales -
Doctor’s rating scale for depression
Depression rating scale for patient’s use
Depression rating scale for nurse’s use
Ichimaru, et al. / Clinical Psychopharmacology Research Group
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 36-45

WHO-SADD (Standardized Assessment of Depressive Disorders) Screening Form
WHO-SADD (Standardized Assessment of Depressive Disorders) Symptom Checklist
Sartorius, et al.
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 61-81

Psychopathological Symptoms (part 4 of AMDP-III Psychopathological Symptoms)  
Somatic Symptoms (part 5 of AMDP-III Psychopathological Symptoms)
Guy & Ban / Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 83-89;

28-item depression subscale of the CPRS (Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale) (1978)
Asberg, et al.
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 90-107;

Inventory QD1 (depression)
Inventory QD2 (depression)
Pichot, et al.
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 108-122;

Brief psychiatric rating scale of Overall and Gorham (BPRS) (1962)
Overall & Gorham
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 159-178;

Brief depression rating scale (BDRS) (1976)
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 179-187

Carroll rating scale for depression (CRS) (1981)
Carroll, et al.
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 188-200;

Symptom rating test (SRT 7) (1982)
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 213-220

Zung self rating depression scale (SDS) (1965)
Depression status inventory (DSI) (1972)
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 221-231

Depression subscales from the Hopkins Symptom Checklist (HSCL) (35-, 58- and 90-item subscales) (1976/1979)
Lipman, Covi L & Shapiro
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 232-248

Melancholia scale (MES) (1980)
Pech & Rafaelson
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 259-269

Clinical self rating scale (CSRS) of the Munich psychiatric information system (PSYCHIS Munchen)
Complaint List (CL)
Complaint List (CL’ - parallel version of CL)
Complaint List (CLo - supplement to CL)
Paranoid Depression Scale (PDS)
Paranoid Depression Scale (PDS’ - parallel version of PDS)
Depression Scale (DS)  
Adjective Mood Scale (AMS)
Adjective Mood Scale (AMS’ - parallel version of AMS)
Anxiety Scale (AS)
Barthemes & von Zerssen
IN: Sartorius & Ban (1986), pp. 270-303

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