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TMDB - Tests and Measures Database: MillerSalkind2002

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement (6th ed) (2002)

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Full-text instruments available in:

Miller, D. C., & Salkind, N. J. (2002) Handbook of research design and social measurement (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. [26 full-text instruments]



Hollingshead Two-factor index of social position (1957)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 463-468

Hemphill's Index of Group Dimensions (aka Group Dimensions Descriptions Questionnaire) (1956)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 470-477

Seashore's Group Cohesiveness Index (1954)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 479-480

Sociometry Scales of Spontaneous Choice and Sociometric Preference (1934)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 480-481

Bogardus' Racial Distance Scale (1959)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 482-483

Hage and Aiken Formalization Inventory (1966)
Aiken & Hage
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 515-516

Aiken and Hage Scale of Personal Participation in Decision-making and Hierarchy of Authority (1968)
Aiken & Hage
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 517-518

Index of Job-Related Tensions in Organizations (1964)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 519-520

Community Attitude Scale (1954)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 522-524

Scorecard for Community Services Activity (1991)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), p. 525

Chapin's Social Participation Scale (1952)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 526-528

Leisure Participation and Enjoyment (1941)
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 528-531

Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (1960)
Fleishman, Stodil & Coons
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 532-534

Supervisory Behavior Description (1957)
Fleishman, Stodil & Coons
IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 535-538

Schuessler's Social Life Feelings Scales (SLFS's) (1982)
SLFS1:    Doubt about Self-determination
SLFS2:    Doubt about trustworthiness of people
SLFS3:    Feeling Down
SLFS4:    Job Satisfaction
SLFS5:    Faith in Citizen Involvement
SLFS6:    Feeling Up
SLFS7:    People Cynicism
SLFS8:    Disillusionment with Government
SLFS9:    Future Outlook
SLFS10: Economic Self-determination
SLFS11: Feeling Demoralized
SLFS12: Career Concerns

IN Miller & Salkind (2002), pp. 538-543





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