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TMDB - Tests and Measures Database: Manusov2009

Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures: Going Beyond Words (2005/2009)

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Full-text instruments available in:

Manusov, V. (2005/2009). Sourcebook of nonverbal measures: Going beyond words. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. [27 full-text instruments]



Emory dyssemia index revised; adult form (Edi-C) (1999)
Love et al.
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 35-46

Affectionate communication index (ACI) (1998)
Floyd & Morman
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 47-55

Touch avoidance measure (TAM1 and TAM2) (1978)
Andersen & Leibowitz
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 57-65

Touch observation form (Touch log record) (1985)
Jones & Yarbrough
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 67-81

Recollections of early childhood touch scale (1996)
Jones & Brown
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 67-81

Touch body chart
Andersen & Guerrero
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 83-92

Behavioral indications of immediacy (BII)
Generalized immediacy scale (GI)
Instructional context; Interpersonal context.
Andersen,  Andersen & Jansen
IIN Manusov (2009), pp. 113-126

Relational communication scale for participant observation (RCS) (1987)
Burgoon & Hale
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 127-139

Assessing display rules in relationships (1996)
Aune, Buller  & Aune
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 151-161

Training instructions for scoring function of facial displays (speaker comments, speaker illustrators; listening comments, adaptor); Examples of scoring facial displays (1989)
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 173-188

Afifi and Johnson Tie signs coding sheet; items for tie sign functions (1999)
Afifi & Johnson
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 189-198

Immediacy behavior rating system (SONIC) Systeme d’observation des comportements nonverbaux d’intimite chez les couples (1991)
Brault, Julien & Turcotte
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 199-208

Behaviors coded / rated in the procedure for examining interactional synchrony oral history interview (OHI) History of the relationship; The philosophy of marriage (1992)
Bruehlman, Gottman & Katz
IIN Manusov (2009), pp. 209-219

Observer ratings of nonverbal involvement and immediacy. Coding sheet for eye behavior, examples of immediacy / involvement scales (1996)
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 221-235

Nonverbal deception indicators, observer instructions (1999)
Burgoon et al.
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 237-250

Conversational involvement rating, orientation / gaze, facial animation, vocal expressiveness, kinesic / proxemic attentiveness, vocal warmth / interest, kinesic / proxemic composure, vocal relaxation, vocal fluency and silences / latencies, cue composite, independent
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 251-266

Affect measures of the couple conflict scales (CCS), anxiety / fear, anger, contempt / disgust, shame, sadness (1998/2002)
Roberts & Noller
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 267-279

Joint Storytelling Interactional Sense-Making Ratings, engagement, turntaking, perspective-taking, coherence (2002)
Koenig & Trees
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 281-294

Conversational Equality (2003)
Knobloch & Solomon
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 295-307

Descriptions and possible coding / Scales for attribution categories / dimensions (nonverbal cues) (2002)
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 225-246

18 item rapport questionnaire (1994)
Bernieri et al.
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 347-359

Semantic differential rating scales (nonverbal dominance) (2002)
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 361-374

Dominance checklist (1998)
Burgoon, Johnson & Koch
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 361-374

Interpersonal dominance rating scale (1999)
Burgoon & Le Poire
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 361-374

Passing encounters, confederate and observer response sheets (2002)
Patterson, Webb & Schwartz
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 431-440

Parenting meta-emotion interview, parental (MEI) (2002)
Carrere & Katz
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 441-455

Sadness, anger, pride, affection and love. Slide viewing technique (faces) (1975)
IN Manusov (2009), pp. 457-470

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