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Identifying Sources in Works Cited Lists and Bibliographies

Works cited lists are very effective ways to find relevant sources for your research. In order to be able to make use of the information in works cited lists, you must be able to identify the kind of source it is: is it a book, a chapter in a book, a jour

Citations to Newspaper Articles

Healy, Patrick. "Clinton's Remarks on Ruling Irks Gay Rights Advocates." New York Times 8 July 2006, late ed., sec, B:  3.


ARTICLE AUTHOR            ARTICLE TITLE                                                                     NEWSPAPER TITLE           DAY/MONTH/YEAR         EDITION  SECTION  PAGE



A citation to a newspaper article always includes

1. The author of the article

2. The title of the article (in quotation marks)

3. The title of the newspaper

4. The date of the article (day-month-year)

5. The newspaper edition and section (if given)

6. The page number(s) of the article

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