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Speech-Language Pathology

This guide is designed for use by incoming graduate students in the Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program at Hofstra.

Speech-Language Pathology Databases

Peer-reviewed / Scholarly / Refereed Literature

Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

Some info about Inter-Library Loan (ILL) -

  • ILL is free to use - you pay for this service in your university fees
  • 99% of items, including articles and books, are delivered within three business days
  • Articles are delivered electronically, into your ILL account. You will receive an email indicating that 'article X' was delivered to your ILL account and is available in the "electronically delivered articles" section
  • Received articles reside in ILL for only 30 days - if you want to keep it, you need to save it to your device, your F drive, or a flash drive, etc.
  • If you forget to save the article and need to request it again, that is fine - you can 'clone' your request' from the 'filled request' section, which lists all items you have requested
  • The articles do not get returned - if you print them out, you can spill your coffee on them, mark them up, etc.
  • Books must be returned - there will be a return date on the sticker on the front of the book. DO NOT spill coffee on them, mark them up, etc. :) :)
  • Most of the time you will not access interlibrary loan directly. Typically, you will be in a database such as PsycINFO, MEDLINE, LLBA, etc. and access ILL directly from the database.

You create your ILL account using your Hofstra credentials. The link to ILL is under "Popular Services" on the Library homepage or go to for instructions on how to use your interlibrary loan privileges.

Citation Resources & Tools

You can find the latest APA guide here:

Other citation generators can be found on this page: 

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