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Northwell/ZSOM Advancing ERSD - Putting It All Together (PIAT): The Art of Writing for Dissemination: Class 1, Part 2: Facing The Blank Page

Resources Shared In Part 2 of Class No. 1: Facing the Blank Page and Getting Started

Welcome!  We hope this part of the class when discussed what you need to do before you start to write was useful to you.  Take a look at the resources we shared with you during the session. Find one or two that speak to you and start there for a deeper dive. 



Tools and Resources for Getting Started

Resources to Select Your First Choice Journal


Download the checklists below to answer these questions in detail and find the right fit for your manuscript. We'd like to acknowledge the Librarians at the UCF Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library: Getting Published LibGuide for their work.

Resources for Literature Searching & Organization

Good searching takes place in three broad stages: planning, searching, and follow up. 

In the planning stage, you line up tools to optimize organization and think about where you can and should search. This merges into the searching stage, where you will try out your search strategy in different databases and refine, refine, refine!   You will collect records along the way, but you don't need to get the full text of these articles until you start the follow-up stage where you screen the records, first cursorily, then carefully.  

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share research. The tool integrates with both Microsoft office and Google docs, and allows research teams to share and annotate PDFs.

Get started at


Books on to Help You Write in the Right Structure with the Right Team

What is AI? Understanding The Different Types

An AI Tool - Perplexity

An AI Tool - Consensus

Use to find journals that would be a good fit

An AI Tool - ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, create outlines, and plan timelines for getting the work done

Resources to Make The Time

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