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Northwell/ZSOM Advancing ERSD - Putting It All Together (PIAT): The Art of Writing for Dissemination: Class 1, Part 3: Writing the Abstract as a Team

Resources Shared In Part 3 of Class No. 1: Writing an Effective Abstract Collaboratively With a Team


Welcome!  We hope this part of the class when discussed writing collaboratively with a team and starting with your abstract was helpful to you.  Take a look at the resources we shared with you during the session. Find one or two that speak to you and start there for a deeper dive. 

Article on Collaborative Writing

Additional Articles on Collaborative Writing

Books on to Help You Write in the Right Structure with the Right Team

Parts of the Abstract

Sims DA. How to … write an abstract. Clin Teach. 2024; 21(1):e13631.

The Problem, Gap, and Hook Technique

"To position your work as a compelling conversational turn, your Introduction must do three things: (1) Identify a problem in the world that people are talking about, (2) Establish a gap in the current knowledge or thinking about the problem, and (3) Articulate a hook that convinces readers that this gap is of consequence."  Read more hereLingard L. Joining a conversation: the problem/gap/hook heuristic. Perspect Med Educ. 2015 Oct;4(5):252-253. doi: 10.1007/s40037-015-0211-y. PMID: 26346497; PMCID: PMC4602011.

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