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The 1619 Project: Major Articles

The Major Articles

Click on the links below for text only versions.  You will need your Hofstra username and password for access. The page numbers for articles in the pdf version are in parentheses.

Jake Silverstein

1619 (Introductory Editorial) (pp. 4-5)

Nikol Hannah-Jones
"Our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. Black Americans fought to make them true. Without this struggle, America would have no democracy at all." (pp.14-22)

Tiya Miles

Chained Migration: How Slavery Made Its Way West  (pp. 22-26)

Matthew Desmond
"In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation."  (pp. 30-40)

Jeneen Interlandi
Why doesn't the United States have universal health care? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War. (pp. 44-45)

Kevin M. Kruse
A traffic jam in Atlanta would seem to have nothing to do with slavery. But look closer... (pp. 48-49)

Jamelle Bouie

What the Reactionary Politics of 2019 Owe to the Politics of Slavery (pp. 50-55)

Linda Villarosa
How False Beliefs in Physical Racial Difference Still Live in Medicine Today (pp.56-57)

Wesley Morris
Why Is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music? (pp. 60-67)

Khalil Gibran Muhammad
The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the 'white gold' that fueled slavery. (pp. 70-77)

Bryan Stevenson
Slavery gave America a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment. Both still define our criminal-justice system. (pp. 80-81)

Trymaine Lee
How America's Vast Racial Wealth Gap Grew: By Plunder (82-83)

Jake Silverstein
“An Update to the 1619 Project,” New York Times Magazine, 11 March 2020
There is a link to a YouTube video discussion of the project at the end of the article.  When you access the video, advance to the 14:30 time.  The actual discussion begins just after that point.  Before that you simply have the opening title.


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