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ZOTERO Citation Manager: What Zotero Will Do

How Does Zotero Do It?

A very simple explanation of how Zotero does what it does:

Zotero “senses” information on the page by reading the coding language that has been used to identify particular pieces of information.  The language labels pieces of information and Zotero identifies these labels, copies the labelled information into your library, and then uses the labels to sort the pieces of information into the various citation formats.  Currently, there are two coding languages used for making information accessible in such a manner: XML and RDF.  If you’re still curious, you can learn more about each of these languages at:

What Will Zotero Cite?

Zotero will cite the following types of materials:

Ø  Artworks

Ø  Audio Recordings

Ø  Bills

Ø  Blog Posts

Ø  Books

Ø  Book Sections

Ø  Cases

Ø  Computer Programs

Ø  Conference Papers

Ø  Dictionary Entries

Ø  Documents

Ø  E-mails

Ø  Encyclopedia Articles

Ø  Films

Ø  Forum Posts

Ø  Hearings

Ø  Instant Messages

Ø  Interviews

Ø  Journal Articles

Ø  Letters

Ø  Magazine Articles

Ø  Manuscripts

Ø  Maps

Ø  Newspaper Articles

Ø  Patents

Ø  Podcasts

Ø  Presentations

Ø  Radio Broadcasts

Ø  Reports

Ø  Statutes

Ø  Theses

Ø  TV Broadcasts

Ø  Video Recordings

Where Can I Use Zotero?

You can use Zotero anywhere.  By installing Zotero on your personal computer, downloading the stand alone software, and creating a Zotero account, you can use Zotero while you are researching and sync your current research with your existing library.  If you are on a computer that does not have Zotero installed on it, you can log into your Zotero account, which will enable you to use Zotero as you research and sync this research with your existing library.  Zotero stores your research citations in the cloud, so it is always available to you through your Zotero account.

Technical Support for Zotero


Learning Support:

Please contact EdTech Learning Support for assistance with installing and using Zotero.

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