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Open-Access Resources: Anthropology


This page contains a selected list of resources for open-access materials in the subject area of anthropology.


Guide to Smithsonian Online Resources

All of these resources can also be used as primary sources in the history of anthropology in the United Stares.

Biodiversity Heritage Contains ethnological works especially on Native Americans. Use search box on home page to find full-text materials on specific topics (e.g. Cherokee). Specific publications of interest are listed below. 

Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Note alternative titles.

Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology

Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology Continues above title.

Contributions to American Ethnology, Vol. I-VII, IX (Ed. by J.W Powell)

Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology. Bulletin

Bulletin (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology) Continues the above title.

The following link, also from the Smithsonian, provides a partial index.

List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology

Smithsonian Library: Digital Library Books and other materials. Included are the Annual Reports of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Annual Reports of the Bureau of Ethnography, both going back to the 19th century. A rich collection of material on Native Americans and on natural history. Some of this is reproduced in the Biodiversity Heritage site.

The Internet Archive and HathiTrust contain many of the items listed above and can be searched for at least some of the Smithsonian materials. One can also extract authors' names and titles of works from the index and then search for specific items in the Smithsonian sites.



Archaeology Open Access Resources

Explaining Human Culture Open Access database produced by the Yale Human Relations File. Information on cross-cultural studies, topical studies, reports on statistical findings.  A good classroom tool.

Introducing Cross-Cultural Research  An open access "course" on the basic concepts and approaches in doing anthropological cross-cultural studies. May be useful in teaching anthropology courses.

Archaeology Data Service  Accredited respository for heritage data in the United Kingdom. Library of Unpublished Fieldwork Reports

tDAR The Digital Archeological Record, housing data about archeological investigations, research and other resources.

Open Context Description is that it "reviews, edits, annotates, publishes and archives research data and digital documentation".

Digital Archeological Archive of Comparative Slavery A collection of archeological sites in the eastern United States.Useful for classroom teaching and for student projects.

A Review and Roadmap of Online Learning Digital Archeology Reviews The Open Digital Archeology Textbook MERCURY-SIMREC, and The Programming Historian.

Mixed Resources

OpenStax CNX  Configured to search for anthropological resources. OpenStax contains not only textbooks but ethnographies and open access articles.

HAU HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Network, and HAU Books. Excellent source for modern ethnographic works and the books are both modern works and classics which the site claims are not found elsewhere in all cases. HAU Journal can also be followed on Facebook. Also download HAU app here: HAU APP.

D-Place Database of places, language, culture and evolution.

AWOL: The Ancient World Online Collection of sites, journals, books, much on anthropology of the ancient world including the Middle East and Africa.

SocArXiv A subset of OFS Preprints This subset contains preprints in the social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, law and education.

SSRN Articles and preprints. Range of disciplines in the social sciences.

Anthrobase AnthroBase is a multilingual, searchable database of articles, theses, essays, reports, conference papers, field-notes etc., written by anthropologists and others. There is open-access material available on this website. Search function appears not to work. It appears to be badly maintained. One can browse.

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