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APA Citation - Quick Guide to 7th edition (2020)

Professor Deborah Dolan

Subject Specialist for

  • Psychology
  • Speech-Language-Hearing
  • Disability Studies

Books with a single author or editor: Reference list and in-text-citations

BOOK WITH ONE AUTHOR: in Reference list

Cardella, V. (2018). Language and schizophrenia: Perspectives from psychology and philosophy. Routledge.

BOOK WITH ONE EDITOR: in Reference list

Starcevic, A. (Ed.). (2019). Chronic stress and its effect on brain structure and connectivity. Medical Information Science.


Carnall, B. D. (2019). Psychological treatment for patients with chronic pain. American Psychological Association.

BOOKS WITH ONE AUTHOR OR EDITOR: in-text citations (parenthetical and narrative)

One study on language and schizophrenia (Cardella, 2018)...

Starcevic (2019) found that stress...

Books with two authors or editors: Reference list and in-text citations

BOOK WITH TWO AUTHORS: in Reference list

Freeman, D., & Freeman, J. (2012). Anxiety: A very short introduction. Oxford University Press.

BOOK WITH TWO EDITORS: in Reference list

Abramowitz, J. S., & Blakey, S. M. (Eds.). (2020). Clinical handbook of fear and anxiety: Maintenance processes and treatment mechanisms. American Psychological Association.

BOOKS WITH TWO AUTHORS OR TWO EDITORS: in-text citations (parenthetical and narrative)

A recent work on anxiety (Abramowitz & Blakey, 2020) reviews...

Freeman and Freeman (2012) provide a concise introduction....

Note that the ampersand "&" is used in parenthetical in-text citations, while the word "and" is used in narrative in-text citations

Books with three or more authors or editors: Reference list and in-text citations


Pennington, B. F., McGrath, L. M., & Peterson, R. L. (2019). Diagnosing learning disorders: From science to practice (3rd ed.). Guilford. 

Individual authors should be listed up to and including 20 authors. If more than 20 authors, list the first 20 authors, followed by "..." , followed by the last author.


BOOKS WITH THREE OR MORE AUTHORS: in-text citations (parenthetical and narrative)

A book on diagnosing learning disorders (Pennington et al., 2019) covers...

Pennington et al. (2019) reviews studies...

When there are three or more authors, use only the first author's name followed by "et al." in in-text citations. If there is more than one citation that would appear identical using this method, use the fewest number of names that allows differentiation of the materials being cited.

For example, if Pennington was the first author on several items published in the same year, each with three or more authors, one would differentiate them by listing as many authors as necessary for the reader to differentiate among them. For example -

Pennington, McGrath et al. (2019) covered...

A book on diagnosing learning disorders (Pennington, Glass et al., 2019) reviewed...

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