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Tests and Measures at Hofstra University: Commercial Tests & Measures

This guide provides information on understanding and identifying commercial and research tests and measures. It also provides information on tests for which the full-text is available via Hofstra, and how to access those tests.

Commercial Tests & Measures

Some preliminaries –


Just because you find a test doesn’t mean you can use it.  You may need to have training, get permission from the university (or your professor in lieu of the university), get permission from the author/publisher, have particular credentials, etc.  CHECK WITH YOUR PROFESSOR!!!

Remember!!!  All tests are covered by copyright law.

Users of commercial tests must pay for the test material itself as well as all "consumables" (e.g., answer sheets, scoring sheets).  Occasionally the publisher will allow a commercial test to be used at no cost or a discounted rate for research purposes.  You MUST get written permission from the publisher.

If you know the name of the test, 
you can use the following resources to determine its availability and under what conditions (e.g., credentials, $$) you may be able to use it:

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)
REF BF 176 M47a 

•    MMY is also known as ‘Buros’
•    All tests in MMY are published, commercial tests which must be purchased.  These tests are considered confidential materials, and may not be used by nor shown to anyone without the proper credentials (see Chapter 9 of APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct for more information
•    MMY provides publisher, scoring, administration, intended purpose and population, authors, and reviews of tests
•    Tests in Print (see below) provides cumulative indexing of MMY
•     Also available electronically (Volume 9 to the present is available via Research Databases)

Tests in Print (TIP)
REF Z 5814.E9B8

•    TIP provides cumulative indexing of  Mental Measurements Yearbook, Personality Tests and Reviews, and Reading Tests and Reviews as well as tests not covered in those publications
•     Annotated bibliography of tests in print, references on specific tests, and directory of test publishers

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessment in Psychology, Education, and Business
REF BF 176.T43

•    Provides information on description, purpose, scoring, cost, and publisher for covered tests
•    Indexed by test title, author, scoring service, publisher, and visual-impairment use

Test Critiques
REF BF 176 T419

•    10-volume set evaluates psychological tests
•    Provides description and historical development of test, practical applications/uses (settings, appropriate and inappropriate subjects, administration, scoring, and interpretation; technical aspects (reliability and validity studies, expert evaluations); and an overall critique of the test
•    Each volume provides a cumulative test-title index to all previous volumes


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