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Polls & Surveys: Polling the Nations

Polling the Nations

  • Polling the Nations
    "Polling the Nations is an online database of public opinion polls containing the full text of 600,000+ questions and responses, from 18,000+ surveys and 1,700+ polling organizations, conducted from 1986 through the present in the United States and more than 100 other countries around the world."

    Entire poll/survey tools are available.

  • YouGov  
    Polls & Surveys from YouGov are included in Polling the Nations (PTN), despite PTN's statement that no surveys whose respondents were self-selected are included.

Polling the Nations: Basic, Topic, & Advanced Searching

This presentation will introduce you to the Basic, Topic and Advanced search options in Polling the Nations.  You will be able to download whole polls and/or individual questions from which you can create graphs/charts.

You can contol this presentation with the buttons along the bottom of the slide frame.  Use the full screen option.

Polling the Nations: How to create graphs

Click on the Graph This Question button. 

When this prompt to open Excel appears, click OK.

Once Excel opens, you will see the question and response information in a worksheet.  Don't be concerned that you cannot read the information clearly.  You do not need to reformat columns, etc., to create a graph.

Highlight the data by clicking in the topic box, in this case IMMIGRATION, and dragging down and across the question column, including all boxes with data.

In Excel, click on the Insert tab.

You will see the Charts segment on the tool bar.  Here you can select the type of chart you wish to create.

Click on Pie.  (We all like pie.)

Choose your Pie format.

The graph will be automatically generated.


You can edit the graph by clicking on the various components.

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