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LGBTQ+ Studies Minor: Databases

Using Subscription and Open-Access Databases in LGBTQ Studies

In doing keyword searches, use a variety of terms in both subscription and open-access databases (e.g. gay, lesbian, GLBT, LGBT, transgender, gender identity, Queer Theory). Combine these with terms that refer to your specific  topic (e.g. mass media, films, discrimination, marriage). Official subject headings will vary by database. One database may use homosexuality and another may use gay as a subject term. Searching with subject terms tends to produce more relevant articles but also causes you to lose some articles that do not have the subject terms attached to them. I suggest doing keyword searches and subject term searches and seeing what works. Do not give up if one database does not yield sufficient results. Try several databases and use commonsense to choose the databases you want to search. For articles on psychological topics (depression, adjustment) use psychology databases, for sociological topics use sociological databases. Searches for LGBTQ+ literature can be done in MLA database, in Project Muse, or in other relevant databases. JSTOR is a multidisciplinary database holding high quality journals back to their starting dates.  Academic Search Complete is also multidisciplinary and is up-to-date but does not always contain journals in long runs. Finally, remember that some topics may be approached in different ways by different academic disciplines. For instance, ex-gay research can be approached from a religious perspective (ATLA database would be used), from a psychological perspective, or from a sociological and cultural perspective. Depending on your interests, you might search in many disciplinary databases or in only one.

Selected Multi-disciplinary Databases

These is only a sample of multidisciplinary databases that may be of use in GLBT research. Consult a reference librarian for a longer list.

Selected Social Sciences Databases

These are only a sample of social science databases that may be of use in LGBTQ research. Consult a reference librarian for a longer list.

Selected Humanities Databases

These are only a sample of databases in the humanities that may be of use in LGBTQ research. Consult a reference librarian for a longer list.

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