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Big Data and Service Quality. 2018. Ainhoa Serna, Antònia Casellas, Grant Saff, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia.  Book Chapter.  In Cai, L.A and Alaedini, P. (Eds.) Services and Experiences in Hospitality and Tourism. Emerald Publishing Limited.
The chapter explores how this analysis of texts from TripAdvisor provides insights on the service quality in Barcelona’s hospitality sector. Drawing on the results from this case study, the chapter argues that user-generated content can become an important tool in guiding better service delivery. Click on the link above to access.

The value (s) of space: The discourses and strategies of residential exclusion in Cape Town and Long Island. 2018. Charlotte Lemanski, Grant Saff. Urban Affairs Review 45 (4): 507-543.
This article analyzes the discourses and strategies of residential exclusion in Cape Town and New York. Although representing vastly different regions, both case studies are historically middle-class residential areas that have recently undergone significant immigrant influx. Click on the link above to access. Available through this link only to the Hofstra community.

The freight landscape: Convergence and divergence in urban freight distribution. 2017.  Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Laetitia Dablanc and Genevieve Giuliano. Journal of Transport and Land Use 10 (1): 557-572.
The paper introduces the concept of the freight landscape: the spatial distribution of freight activity and intensity in a metropolitan area. Results reveal substantial variations between metropolitan areas, which are observed across the respective levels of zonal specialization as well as density changes over distance from central areas. Click on the link above to access.

Child Domestic Workers in Dhaka: A Geographical Study of Discourses, Work, and Education. Kari Bolstad Jensen.  PhD. Dissertation. The Pennsylvania State University. The Graduate School. Department of Geography, 2007.
Discourses and workspaces are examined with a view to improve the quality of life of these children. By combining discourse analysis and critical ethnography, three main discourses are analyzed that shape the space-time frameworks and everyday lives of child domestic workers:  (1) a human rights discourse, (2) an employers' discourse and (3) a child domestic's discourse.  Click on the link above to access.

Data power : radical geographies of control and resistanceJim Thatcher and Craig M Dalton. London : Pluto Press, 2022.
Recognising the potential for both control and liberation, the authors argue against both acquiescence to and rejection of these technologies. Through intentional use of the very systems that monitor them, activists from Charlottesville to Hong Kong are subverting, resisting and repurposing geographic technologies. Click on the link above to access.

Puerto Rican nation-building literature : impossible romance.  Zilkia Janer. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, ©2005.
As Janer analyzes aspects of race, class, gender, and sexuality in literature from the past two centuries, she shows how different social groups imagined themselves and the island in its transition from Spanish to U.S. colonial rule.  Click on the link above to access.   

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