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Northwell/ZSOM Health Equity: Recruitment & Retention

Implicit Bias

What is implicit bias?

Implicit bias, also known as unconscious bias, refers to attitudes or stereotypes that are outside our awareness but nonetheless affect our understanding, our interactions, and our decisions. Explicit bias is the traditional conceptualization of bias. With explicit bias, individuals are aware of their prejudices and attitudes toward certain groups. Positive or negative preferences for a particular group are conscious.

iLearn Courses

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Introduction to Unconscious Bias

The Introduction to Unconscious Bias provides an overview to learners on how experiences and identities shape their biases. Learners will explore the roots of bias as it relates to the human brain and its impact on decision making. This introductory course will also review strategies and tools to effectively mitigate bias in the workplace.

Introduction to Microaggressions

This course is an introduction to topics related to Northwell's commitment to foster a safe, respectful work environment that ensures dignity and respect for all, including preventing microaggressions in the workplace.

Virtual Recruitment and Interviews


What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Holistic Review

What is Holistic Review?

Holistic Review refers to mission-aligned admissions or selection processes that take into consideration applicants’ experiences, attributes, and academic metrics as well as the value an applicant would contribute to learning, practice, and teaching. Holistic Review allows admissions committees to consider the “whole” applicant, rather than disproportionately focusing on any one factor.


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