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Features of the new A-Z page in Springshare

The new A-Z pages are now available.  So that everyone is clear on what's being changed, added or available, I've created this document to clearly show each feature of the A-Z pages. We have approximately 10 months to configure them before Springshare automatically moves us over from what we currently use.



A-Z  Database changes with a quick view of the new Chatbot.

  1. We have the option to have a landing page for all or some of our  databases. 
    Here's an example from another university:




  1. Alert messages shown in yellow can appear on the main A-Z page and on the landing page of the database. All or some of the text for any part of the alert can be shown.

Alerts can be shown on the landing page of the database.




  1. Databases can be marked with colored flags. Flags can be named anything. (e.g. “New”, “Trial”, “Popular”, “Audio”, “Full Text”, “Password at Ref desk”)


  2. Databases can also be marked with a resource icon image.
    (e.g. Newspaper related databases can have a tiny newspaper image. ebooks can have a book image with the letter "e" on it. )







  1. Databases can now have logo images next to their name, making it much easier to identify the resource quickly.



  1. The new chatbot was added to the new A-Z page.  Click on it on the top right hand side of the page to see how it works. Keep in mind that this is only a demo and that any questions can be asked.




  2. Multiple Filters: The user can now click on a few filters at one time t search the database listing.
    This example shows health science and literature subjects being searched at the same time.

    1. The look of Best Bets have changed.
    2. Access modes can be added to a database;

    3. Other features:
      a) Add searchable alternative names or keywords to database. Springshare is looking to display the alternative name on the A-Z list. 
      b) Add additional descriptions using “More info” and “Library Review”
      c) Permitted uses for each resource with customizable license permissions.
      d) Add internal notes. (e.g. database recently updated to a new version)
      e) Add a Friendly URL.(needed if you want statistics via springshare!)
      f) Hide specific search filters or rename labels for almost anything (e.g. the heading "A-Z Databases")







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