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What is the new policy?

Previously, the NIH only required grants with $500,000 per year or more in direct costs to provide a brief explanation of how and when data resulting from the grant would be shared.

The 2023 policy is entirely new. Beginning January 25th, 2023, ALL grant applications or competitive renewals that generate Scientific Data must now include a robust and detailed plan for how you will manage and share data during the entire funded period. This includes information on data storage, access policies/procedures, preservation, metadata standards, distribution approaches, and more.  You must provide this information in a data management and sharing plan (DMSP). The DMSP is similar to what other funders call a data management plan (DMP).

In addition, to reduce burden on investigators also subject to the Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy, NIH will no longer require submission of separate GDS Plans. Instead, one plan will be expected where applicants describe genomic data sharing within their DMSP.

The DMSP will be assessed by NIH Program Staff (though peer reviewers will be able to comment on the proposed data management budget). The Institute, Center, or Office (ICO)-approved plan becomes a Term and Condition of the Notice of Award.

Adapted from University of Arizona Data Management Plan Guide


DMSP Review Process

  1. Submit DMS Plans and budget requests as part of the funding application or proposal.
  2. Peer Review will not see or review DMS Plans, but will consider any related budget items.
  3. NIH program staff will review the DMS Plan for acceptability and may request modifications in JIT process prior to award as appropriate.
  4. Plans must be approved by the funding institute prior to award.

From the NIH

Post Award Process

  1. The Data Management and Sharing Plan becomes a term and condition of the award.
  2. Recipient reports progress of approved data management and sharing plan in Research Performance Progress Report (annual, interim, and final)
  3. NIH Reviews compliance annually

Prior Approval and revised plan required:

  • new scientific direction
  • change in data repository
  • timeline revision

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Understanding Data Terms


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