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HIST 73: The Modern Middle East

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Welcome to your Library Resource Guide for Hist 73

The Modern Middle East

The purpose of this guide is to help you locate and use library resources for your class assignments.  Use the blue navigation bars on the left to navigate through the guide.

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Kitab al-Bulhan Astrology/Astronomy/Geomancy Arabic manuscript

public domain image

Amulet box (19th century) Brooklyn Museum, Arts of the Islamic World Collection)

no restrictions on use

Two Birds and Flowers (Brooklyn Museum, Arts of the Islamic World Collection)

no restrictions on use

Street Musicians in a Middle Eastern town by Antonio Fabres (The Athenaeum)

public domain image

Example of an ijazah, or diploma of competency in Arabic calligraphy (Thuluth and naskh script)

public domain image

Goatfishes ornamentation symbolizing the sweet water abyss, domain of god Ea. Found in Susa, limestone, Middle Elamite period (c. 1500-1100BC)

public domain image

Duck-shaped weight with the inscription: "five minas." Bituminous stone, Middle Elamite period, 2nd millenium BC. From Susa

publc domain image

Coin from the reign of Baydu Khan (1295).

public domain image

Hanukkah lamp (Yeshiva Jewish Museum)

no restrictions on use

Bowl (Archeological Museum, Istanbul)

public domain image

Map of the Umayyad Caliphate in 750 CE

public domain image

15th Century Syrian lunchbox (Madina Collection of Islamic Art)

Creative Commons license

Painting of Turkish man with hookah (Stanislaw Chlebowski 1877)

public domain image

Qum silk Persian rug

Creative Commons license

1657 map of the Holy Land, title translated as "Paradise, or the Garden of Eden".

public domain image

13th Century Iranian bottle

Creative Commons license

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